Friends Turn Foe | Kamaru Usman’s Prediction | UFC-272, What’ll Happen?

Race for the #1 Ranked Welterweight

UFC’s undisputed champ, kamaru the Nigerian nightmare recently shared views on the biggest grudge match, coming on March 5 live on PPV. “in this fight, Colby is going to realize that it’s hard to take Masvidal down after so much time apart”.

colby covington vs jorge masvidal

“However, the same goes for Jorge, it’s harder to strike this guy (Covington) now as compared to when they both used to practice”, in an interview with ESPN MMA he said.

Usman called himself a fan of Colby and Masvidal and his daughter is too excited for this fight.

One-time best friends, Colby and Masvidal are now ready to leave each other in poor blood.

Both have trained together at America’s biggest MMA gym (American Top Team) for almost a decade.

After they separated, a lot of trash talk we got to seen. Colby went personal on Masvidal’s marriage and his ex-wife.

In return, Jorge has made fun of Covington’s face and called his teeth fake.

But, Is it the betrayal in friendship or money that makes both agree to this fight? Also, what all could happen inside the ring, let’s see…

Yes, a lot of money will be paid to the winner and whosoever is will surely get the title shot next.

In terms of fighting style, Colby has more grip in the wrestling game. Although a clever significant striking of Masvidal in each fight is no less.

Now, tell your thoughts about this upcoming a bit emotional matchup and who do you want to see winning?

Write in the comments, thanks for reading.


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