The Challenge For UFC | Jack Paul’s MMA Fight | Biggest Online War!

Dana White And Other Fighters Responded.

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

American professional boxer jack paul has prepared a list of new rules for the number 1 mixed martial arts promotion company in the world, uFC (ultimate fighting championship).

He also challenged uFC president dana white to implement the same by March 31, 2022.

jack recently tweeted an image on his timeline in which the three rules are written. first, uFC has to increase the fighter’s minimum pay scale from 12k to 50k $.

second, half of the annual revenue will be given to fighters, and third long-term healthcare facilities for all the fighters.

after that, there is a paragraph below in the image telling uFC fighters how they should improve their value.

dana white reacted to this by video saying that “jack you are stupid, I believe that you use steroids and if you think that you can treat fighters better then start your own company”.

he also thinks that jack is calling out the big MMA personalities like Conor Mcgregor, mike Tyson to fight with him only because he wants to sell more pay per view and earn money for his good.

dana in the video targeted jack’s manager and ufc’s ex CFO (chief financial officer) calling him a scumbag.

jack has given five days to dana to accept these new rules and if it’s done then he will immediately retire from boxing and sign one fight contract with ufc against Jorge Masvidal.

he tags many ufc fighters of different weight classes like kamaru Usman (welterweight champion), Francis ngannou ( heavyweight champion), and rose namajunas (Women’s Strawweight Champion) asking which ones are in favor of this offer.

some of them have made a statement through Twitter like khamzat, in his tweet asking permission from dana to fight with jack whereas, Masvidal praises dana because he calls him a pay-per-view superstar.

what’s your take on this whole scenario, please write in the comment section, thanks for reading.


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