Boxing: Mike Tyson VS Logan Paul | Feb 2022 Set To Go Or Is Just A Rumor? let’s see..

G.O.A.T iron Mike can fight again since 2020 return Exhibition draw.

logan paul the well-known YouTuber who had Fought boxing matches with Floyd Money Mayweather and k.s.I (another YouTuber) am now looking for a new opponent though his younger brother jack paul is going to fight with Tyson fury’s brother Tommy fury in December this year.

since logan has 0 wins in his boxing career till now we can say he is anxious for his first-ever win and hope there are lots of firecrackers and bad blood can be seen in logan’s next bout.

(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

so what if we say that his next possible opponent can be the greatest heavyweight champion of all time with 44 ko’s in the career of 50 wins and only 6 losses.

yes, you are thinking of the right man which is iron mike Tyson. in a recent podcast of IMPULSIVE, there is one conversation that happened between both logan paul and mike Tyson in which logan claims that he can put on a fight with iron mike.

on this Tyson’s reaction is hilarious and a bit scary here is the link of the video you guys can check it out. Tyson said that if the fight ever happen logan could have died in the match.

we saw logan paul saying in an interview that he respects mike Tyson but is too old for him to fight with though he is confident beating him up.

what I think is that logan Paul VS Mike Tyson’s fight shouldn’t be a great idea because there is a reason first, iron mike’s age factor though if logan had ever Fought with this beast in that 1990’s era or simply say in Tyson’s prime time mike could made logan paul sleep to death.

but now he is approx. 56 years old and this is true that such kind superpower in Tyson’s punches that he had in one time is no more. second, logan is so so younger than him and has much more stamina obviously because he is just 26.

but still, there is no doubt that mike Tyson is a legend and at the end of the day, he should sustain this thing by not taking such an overconfident move and accepting this kind of impractical fight offers.

mike Tyson had the last fight of his career in June 2005 with Kevin McBride. after Fifteen ever since then he comes up with the Exhibition bout against Roy jones (former 4 division world champion) on November 28 of 2020 declaring the match draw.

after then it was no official announcement made by Tyson about his next one and honestly, we can’t say this thing that with whom he gonna fight if he still wants to because there are no or very less fighters of his age that are in the game right now or wants to come again in the boxing ring after retirement.

also, I think mike Tyson itself has no plans to fight with someone so far because he is doing some upcoming movie project called liger for which he also posted on this Instagram on the occasion of Diwali the biggest festival celebrated in India especially by Hindus.

at last, there is no doubt that mike Tyson is a legend and we hope that he should keep this Honor safe by not doing such overconfident moves or accepting kind of impractical fight offers. what are your thoughts on this, tell me in the comment section also guys stay connected, stay safe, and thanks for reading this article. bye.


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