Breaking | UFC Denied To Pay For This! Nate Vs Dustin…

Twitter War

between two famous UFC lightweights, Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier recently made the headlines. both fighters want a fight as early as possible for a comeback victory after handling the loss in their previous bout.

Dustin has lost his win streak in UFC-269 by lightweight champion Charles Olivera due to a rear-naked choke in round 3, whereas Nate is concerned he doesn’t have won any of his fights since 2019.

Nate has tweeted by sharing the screenshot of Dustin’s Instagram story in which there is a post of one MMA reporter at BBC sport, chamatkar Sandhu wanting a fight of the two(Dustin Poirier vs Nate Diaz) with a caption ” At 170, why not? makes sense to me”.

Nate said that he is gonna fight with Dustin in January 2022, also told him don’t get afraid this time. however below this tweet, Dustin Poirier commented that he can fight with Nate this month itself.

eventually, now it seems like maybe the fight has been canceled because of these latest tweets from both in which Nate Diaz tells that UFC does not wanna pay him for this matchup, on the other hand, Dustin Poirier announced the refusal of Nate.

nevertheless, fans will love to watch the outcome of these two finest UFC strikers share the octagon, what’s your thinking about this, give your valuable opinions in the comment section.


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