Video: “Nick Diaz Should Not Fight” Dana White | Conor McGregor Will Be Back…

uFC president dana white talked about nick Diaz’s return to the octagon in the previous year 2021 where nick had lost against Robbie Lawler. due to a positive marijuana drug test, nick was banned by the state athletic commission for 5 years, however, he fulfilled the wish of his fans that wants to see him fight again.

dana in an interview with Brett Okamoto on ESPN MMA said that ” regardless of how good he looks for a fight after such a huge break, I think he should not fight because now he doesn’t love to do it, now for nick, this is like a job where people hates to work but still has to”.

brett also asked regarding Conor Mcgregor’s injury which happened during UFC 264 (Conor Mcgregor vs Dustin Poirier trilogy fight) and his expected return this year to which dana replied ” Conor is chomping a bit to return in the octagon.

having a lot of money in the bank, doesn’t mean that he is less passionate about this sport, he tries his best to entertain fans and if all goes well with his leg injury, Conor will be fighting this summer”.

in the full interview, dana white was questioned on Jon jones’s comeback in the heavyweight division, Nate Diaz’s future fights, and Francis Ngannou’s contract issues with UFC. check out to know, thanks for reading.


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